Increase Your
Employee Engagement

HR Matrix Engagement Insight Survey (eiSurvey)

Employee engagement increases
profitability, productivity, customer service ratings and employee retention.
Our eiSurvey is a powerful management tool that
measures employee commitment and management effectiveness.

Find out how your employees feel about their jobs, managers
and company using the proprietary HR Matrix eiSurvey.

eiSurvey Services

Our Engagement Insight Survey offers significant flexibility and
scalability to ensure a custom fit and meaningful data for each client.

Survey strategy
custom question and
communication tactics

Custom reporting and chart summaries

Analysis of themes and
executive summaries

Presentation of results to
follow-up action planning
and focus groups

eiSurvey Technology

Survey Creation      Customized Questions      Customized Reporting      Action Planning

Our eiSurvey provides access to a robust technology platform that we
customize specifically for your organization. Our platform provides real time
survey responses and provides managers with a personal dashboard.

Slide 01 of 15Survey Creation

Slide 02 of 15Participant Upload

Slide 03 of 15Messaging System

Slide 04 of 15Hierarchical Reporting

Slide 05 of 15Drill Down Filters

Slide 06 of 15Summary Page

Slide 07 of 15Scorecard

Slide 08 of 15Breakout

Slide 09 of 15Highs & Lows

Slide 10 of 15Key Drivers

Slide 11 of 15Comments

Slide 12 of 15Participation

Slide 13 of 15Action Planning

Slide 14 of 15Comparison

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eiSurvey Benefits

Customizable questions

Analysis of themes

Survey presentation materials

Presentation of results and facilitated focus
    groups/action planning sessions

Tiered and flexible pricing depending on client needs

eiSurvey Action Planning

Through our customized follow-up action planning with employee groups, we facilitate participative processes and work with managers and employees to create meaningful, sustainable solutions designed to enhance both engagement and organizational success.

eiSurvey Results

Critical insight into organizational
dynamics and the ability to pinpoint
areas for improvement

Improved productivity, retention, customer satisfaction, safety and profitability

Learn what’s in the hearts and
minds of your employees

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