2023 Employment Law Updates

2023 Employment Law Updates for CA Employers

Upcoming changes in employment laws may affect your business. As always, we are here to help as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of employment policy and practices. Contact your HR Matrix consultant or call our direct line at (707) 526-0877 if you need assistance or have questions.

Below is our annual employment law update checklist chart. Determine which recent and forthcoming employment law updates apply to your business. 

2023 HR Services

  • Alert! Pay Ranges are required in 2023. Creating fair and competitive salary structures has always been important for recruiting and retaining top talent in a highly competitive job market. Now it’s a CA state requirement. We conduct salary surveys, develop pay ranges based on internal and external equity, and can help you design robust and strategic pay practices that align with your business needs.
  • Handbook Updates. State and federal employment compliance requirements can change year to year. If you haven’t updated your employee handbook recently, we can conduct a comprehensive review of your handbook and provide you with suggestions, corrections, and additions to bring your handbook current. We can also support you with updating and/or developing new company-specific policies that are unique to your business and align with current company practices and procedures. 
  • HR Audits & Assessments. The HR Matrix offers a dynamic approach to assessments:
    • HR Strategy Assessment: Ensure HR policies, programs and capabilities are aligned with your company’s strategic plan and goals.
    • HR Staffing Assessment: HR success depends on having the right talent in the right roles to achieve strategic goals. We evaluate staffing, talent, skills and workload. Based on our findings and industry best practices, we provide you with recommendations for staffing, roles and skills needed to optimize the HR function.
    • Process and Workflow Assessment: Sometimes it takes an outside expert to see through legacy practices. We can help identify obstacles or gaps and make recommendations to optimize workflows. Whether inside HR or across multiple departments, we help your teams work smarter, not harder.
    • HR Compliance Audit: The compliance audit is a powerful tool to help ensure compliance, identify problem areas and reduce exposure to employment related liabilities. After our expert review is complete, you will receive a confidential written report identifying strengths, areas of concern, and specific recommendations for improvement.

2023 HR Reminders

  • Ensure your new hire packet contains up-to-date forms and notices including tax withholding forms.
  • Update CA brochures for Unemployment Insurance and Sexual Harassment  in January when they become available.
  • Ensure your employees’ addresses are up to date for W-2s and ACA forms (if applicable).
  • For employers who use the IRS rate for mileage reimbursements, review the IRS Standard Mileage Rate table for 2023 rates. 
  • For employers with more than 10 employees, process the OSHA 300 log by February 1st. Some industries are exempt.

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Contact your HR Matrix consultant or call our direct line at (707) 526-0877 if you need assistance or have questions.