Our Approach to Conflict by Talia Eisen

HR Matrix consultants are often asked to work with teams or sets of individuals when personalities seem to be clashing. These situations are often presented as incompatible personalities, differences in “style,” and communication problems.  Typically, one individual appears more reasonable or accommodating, or a better fit with the organization, while the other is seen as…

2018 Newsletter & Compliance Update

Happy New Year to our clients and colleagues! We wanted to remind you of the recent and upcoming changes in employment laws that may affect your business. We created an easy checklist for you to use. As always, contact your HR Matrix associate or call our direct number if you need any assistance or have questions….

5 Recommended Reading Suggestions

1. Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras.  Their blueprint for sustainable organizations includes stable core values and purpose, while strategies and practices must continually adapt to an ever-changing world.   2. The Answer to How is Yes: Acting on What Matters, by Peter Block.  This insightful and philosophical…

5 Elements of Successful Meetings by Gary Hochman

As a consultant to managers and executives in a variety of organizations, I’ve participated in every sort of meeting imaginable. Upon reflection, there are just a few factors that seem to separate the great meetings from the average ones. 1. The Right Participants Begin here by carefully considering who needs to be in the meeting….