5 Most Common Mistakes Made by Employers by Brenda Gilchrist

Are you doing business in California? Based on our experience, California is one of the most complicated places to manage employees. In some cases, the laws are not only complicated, they’re just plain annoying. Many laws have taken away flexibility that the employee and the employer want. For example, employees and employers cannot easily set…

5 Recommended Reading Suggestions

1. Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras.  Their blueprint for sustainable organizations includes stable core values and purpose, while strategies and practices must continually adapt to an ever-changing world.   2. The Answer to How is Yes: Acting on What Matters, by Peter Block.  This insightful and philosophical…

5 Elements of Successful Meetings by Gary Hochman

As a consultant to managers and executives in a variety of organizations, I’ve participated in every sort of meeting imaginable. Upon reflection, there are just a few factors that seem to separate the great meetings from the average ones. 1. The Right Participants Begin here by carefully considering who needs to be in the meeting….

5 Keys to Successful Talent Acquisition

Copyright © June 2011 – The HR Matrix, llc – All Rights Reserved by Brenda Gilchrist, CoFounder/Managing Partner, The HR Matrix, llc 1.      Culture: Know your company culture; be able to articulate it in writing. Validate your perceptions by asking team members. 2.      Talent Gap Assessment: assess what you really need; write the job description…

2011 HR Professional of the Year Award

The HR Matrix and co-sponsors PASCO and the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce are now accepting nominations for the 2011 HR Professional of the Year Award. This annual award recognizes outstanding HR professionals and their innovative or strategic accomplishments. To qualify, individuals must be senior level HR professionals and be nominated by a c-level executive….

HR Matrix celebrates 5 years!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: The HR Matrix, LLC 707-526-0877   The HR Matrix Celebrates Five Years! It is with great satisfaction that Brenda Gilchrist and Gary Hochman celebrate five years of a successful partnership this summer with the HR Matrix LLC, a full-spectrum Human Resources, Organization Development, and Search firm. Co-founder Brenda Gilchrist reflected…

Don’t Lose Control with a PEO

Copyright © June 2011 – The HR Matrix, llc – All Rights Reservedby Brenda Gilchrist, CoFounder/Managing Partner, The HR Matrix, llcThe lure of getting all of your employment needs met, under one umbrella and for a fee, may sound attractive—but may not be the best solution for your company. In today’s world, business owners face…

Commentary: Bad HR habits and the ‘tsunami’

Published in the North Bay Business Journal June 6th, 2011 07:11am by Brenda Gilchrist It’s time to brush up policies, make sure key people are retained This month, June 2011, we are starting to see signs of some economic recovery. It’s time to re-evaluate your risks and determine how the recovery will impact your business….