Linking People, strategy, and performance Use our HRM Engagement Insight Survey to find out how engaged your employees are.



How engaged are your employees? Did you know that employee engagement is positively correlated with profitability, productivity, customer service ratings and employee retention? What if you could increase their engagement? Find out how your employees feel about their jobs, supervisors and company using the proprietary HR Matrix Engagement survey.

Surveys are a powerful retention and management tool that help measure employee commitment and management effectiveness. Our customized online surveys can result in critical insight into organizational dynamics and the ability to pinpoint areas for improvement. Through follow-up focus groups and participative processes, we work with managers and employees alike to create meaningful, sustainable solutions designed to enhance both engagement and organizational success. Areas of impact include productivity, retention, customer satisfaction, safety and profitability.

Program options:

1. Survey strategy including objectives, customization, reporting options, communication tactics
2. Customizable questions designed around your unique needs or culture
3. One-time questions may be added to assess unique programs or issues
4. Full text comments provided
5. Analysis of themes or executive summaries
6. Custom reporting and chart summaries in PDF format
7. Survey presentation materials
8. Facilitated presentations, meetings and focus groups
9. Tiered pricing depending on range of client needs